I'm a French illustrator, graduated from ESAL in the year 2015.

Straight after my studies, I started to work as a professional illustrator for

the French newspapers Libération and  LE 1.

I now work for several newspapers, events, children books,

shop advertisment, and I was lucky enough to do some

exhibitions in different galeries.

If you would like to work with me,

feel free to contact either me or my agent.

Collaboration : Libération, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Hermès, Internazionale Kids, Kiblind, Georges Magazine, Alternatives Economiques,

Le 1, Zadig, L'Express, Revue XXI, Revue Dessinée, Les Echos, L'Eléphant, Topo, Bayard, France.fr, BETC, Helium, Gallimard, L'agrume, Milan...